Peter O’Toole said that the business of theatre is providing bare boards and a passion. The Adirondack Shakespeare Company is dedicated to rescuing theatre from “concepts” and restoring that passion to the works of the world’s greatest playwrights by focusing on what matters most: the words.

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Spring Season

Each spring, we present several plays surrounding a particular theme. Past seasons in NYC have included The Bookend Project in 2011, which explored Shakespeare’s earliest and latest revenge plays. The Justice Project in 2012 examined the nature of law in The Merchant of Venice and Measure for Measure. The first part of the eight-play series of The Kingship Cycle explored the performance of sovereignty in Shakespeare’s English history plays in 2013. 2015 marks the first Spring Repertory Season to tour the Adirondack Region. Our spring seasons generally comprise two titles performed in rep by the same company of actors in March and April.

Our Summer Festival Season was first presented in 2010. It features full productions of several uncut mainstage titles performed in rep by a professional company, who also performs in an original children’s production. We perform at the Scaroon Manor Amphitheater, and we also tour throughout Adirondack Park.

Autumn Season

2013 was our first time producing in the “off season,” and we are excited that the Autumn Season has become a regular part of our yearly offerings. We present two full productions performed in rep touring throughout Adirondack Park in the weeks leading up to Columbus Day.


We offer workshops for elementary, middle, high school, and college students. These range from hour-long focused studies to longer intensives in which our actors visit your school for several days. Each course of study can be individually tailored to your curriculum.

Each year, we offer at least one touring production to school groups. These shows are focused around a particular theme and include scenes, monologues, sonnets, and songs from across Shakespeare’s canon. For more info on how to bring ADK Shakespeare to your school, please email us at

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Shakespeare IN THE RAW is a live performance and video project in which a small company of actors puts together a full production in less than three days. The goal is to strip away everything extraneous from the production – costumes, props, lighting, etc. – so that what you have left is absolutely essential: the words, the actors telling the story, and the audience. In performance, the audience is let in on that rare moment in rehearsal when the company discovers the play for the very first time.

What’s coming up next for ADK Shakespeare?

Spring 2017 ushers in our third repertory season in the Adirondack Park with productions of Macbeth and Cymbeline. Join us on tour in April and May!

2017 marks our eighth annual Summer Festival Season in upstate New York. We celebrate with two heartwrenching and heartwarming comedies, All’s Well That Ends Well and The Winter’s Tale. We also present a new original production for children, Thor, on tour in July and August.

In the autumn, we will tour the park with Hamlet, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and return to schools with Songs of the Iroquois: Turtle Island.

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Photos (Top to Bottom): Collin McConnell as King Henry V in Henry V (2014); the company of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2011) at the Scaroon Manor Amphitheater; Goliath as himself in David & Goliath (2014); Katie Fanning as Maria in Love’s Labour’s Lost (2013).

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