Upcoming Productions:

In 2017, ADK Shakespeare presents its third annual upstate Spring Repertory Season: Macbeth and Cymbeline.

In July and August, join us for our eighth annual Summer Festival Season with productions of All’s Well That Ends Well, The Winter’s Tale, and an original production for children: Thor.

Autumn brings us the continuation of our Annual Hamlet Series for the third year running as well our second production of Love’s Labour’s Lost. We are proud to offer co-curricular programming with our original production, Songs of the Iroquois: Turtle Island for our region’s elementary students.

Our spring and autumn productions are available to tour to your school. Please contact us for more information on all our educational workshops and tour offerings.

For information about auditions, click here.

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Photo: The Cast of Richard II (2014). Credit: Katie Kearney.

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