Caley Vickerman
ADK Shakespeare: The Kingship Cycle, Part 1 (Warwick, Stanley, and Ensemble)

Caley Vickerman has spent her career exploring the intersection of Theater and Eduction. She is a classically trained actor fascinated by interactive theater models that engage the audience in acts of personal storytelling and creation. This fascination has driven her to build and fly kites with South Bronx Geometry classes; to seek out kindred spirits at the Possibility Project who use theater as a medium for youth to share their stories and transform those stories, and to strike up conversations with strangers in subways, on park benches, and in grocery store lines. Most recently, it has morphed into a Public Art project called the Guerilla Haiku Movement wherein a community comments and engages with its neighborhoods by writing haiku in sidewalk chalk all over their city. She has visited 30 cities over the past year and a half, looks forward to growing this movement to an international scope, and invites you to join her in a city near you! Let’s Get Chalky!!!

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