Christine Demuth
ADK Shakespeare:  1 Henry VI (King Henry VI, Margaret, Bastard of Orleans, Boy, 3 Messenger);  2 Henry VI (Queen Margaret, Whitmore, Stafford’s Brother, Sheriff, Messenger);  3 Henry VI (Queen Margaret, Stafford, Richmond, 1 Watchman, Soldier);  Richard III (Margaret, Duke of York, Bishop of Ely, 2 Murderer, 2 Gentleman, Sheriff, Alderman/Citizen); As You Like It (Audrey, Adam); Romeo & Juliet (Benvolio, Page to Paris, James Soundpost); Macbeth (Lady Macbeth, Caithness, Sergeant)

Christine Demuth is honored to be a member of the Adirondack Shakespeare Company and the wonderful madness that is the Shakespeare IN THE RAW project. Based in the Baltimore/DC area, Christine has performed at Rep Stage, Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, Single Carrot Theatre, Stanislavky Theatre Studio, The Kennedy Center, and The France Merrick Performing Arts Center. She has also performed with the Promethean Theatre Ensemble in Chicago. Christine is a certified drama teacher and teaches at The Baltimore Lab School, an arts based school for children with learning differences.


Christine Demuth as Queen Margaret,

3 Henry VI (2009)

ADK Shakespeare

Christine Demuth as Duckling,

Our Country’s Good

Promethean Theatre Ensemble

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