In 2014, ADK Shakespeare presents the second installment of The Kingship Cycle, concurrent productions of William Shakespeare’s later English History Plays: Richard II, 1 & 2 Henry IV, and Henry V.

Richard II

Performance Dates and Times TBD.

Nat Angstrom :: Conductor

Lesley Berkowitz :: Langley/York

Meghan Blakeman :: Bushy, Sir Stephen Scroop, Abbot of Westminster

Tara Bradway :: King Richard II

Katie Fanning :: Aumerle, Welsh Captain

Kelly Karcher :: Mowbray, Duchess of York, Fitzwater, Willoughby

Sean Lounsbury :: Northumberland, Gardener, Lord Marshall

Sierra Marcks :: Green, Sir Piers of Exton

Collin McConnell :: Bagot, Salisbury

XX :: John of Gaunt, Carlisle, Barkely

Patrick Siler :: Bullingbrook

XX :: Duchess of Gloster, Surrey, Ross

Hannah Wolfe :: Hotspur, Isabel

1 Henry IV

Performance Dates and Times TBD.

Nat Angstrom :: Sir John Falstaff

Lesley Berkowitz :: Dowglas, Mortimer, Chamberlain

Meghan Blakeman :: Gadshill, Prince John

Tara Bradway :: Conductor

Katie Fanning :: Sir Walter Blunt, Francis

Kelly Karcher :: Poins, Lady Mortimer, Scroop

Sean Lounsbury :: Northumberland, Owen Glendower, Westmoreland, Sheriff

Sierra Marcks :: Bardolph, Thomas Percy

Collin McConnell :: Prince Hal

XX :: Lady Percy, Vernon, Peto, Ostler

Patrick Siler :: King Henry IV

XX :: Mistress Quickly, Sir Michael

Hannah Wolfe :: Hotspur

2 Henry IV

Performance Dates and Times TBD.

Nat Angstrom :: Sir John Falstaff

Lesley Berkowitz :: Lord Chief Justice, Peto, Bullcalf

Meghan Blakeman :: Lancaster, Doll Tearsheet, Travers, Feeble, Gower

Tara Bradway :: Conductor, Rumor, Epilogue

Katie Fanning :: Page, Hastings, Gloster

Kelly Karcher :: Poins, Scroop, Shallow, Harcourt

Sean Lounsbury :: Northumberland, Pistol, Clarence, Shadow

Sierra Marcks :: Bardolph, Morton, Mowbray, Surrey

Collin McConnell :: Prince Hal

XX :: Lady Percy, Lord Bardolph, Warwick, Wart

Patrick Siler :: King Henry IV, Davy

XX :: Mistress Quickly, Westmoreland, Mouldie

Hannah Wolfe :: Silence, Fang, Lady Northumberland, Sir John Blunt

Henry V

Performance Dates and Times TBD.

Nat Angstrom :: Exeter, Rambures

Lesley Berkowitz :: Nym, Gloster, Grandpre

Meghan Blakeman :: Gower, Bedford

Tara Bradway :: Charles VI, Canterbury, Erpingham, Governor

Katie Fanning :: Katherine, Williams, Boy

Kelly Karcher :: Constable, Queen Isabel, Cambridge, Jamy

Sean Lounsbury :: Pistol, Alice, English Herald

Sierra Marcks :: Bardolph, Burgundy, Orleans, Westmoreland

Collin McConnell :: King Henry V

XX :: Dauphin, Scroop, Macmorris, Warwick, York

Patrick Siler :: Conductor

XX :: Hostess, Montjoy, Bates, Bourbon, Huntingdon

Hannah Wolfe :: Fluellen, Grey, Salisbury, Clarence

Production Stage Manager

Kate Dylan

Fight Choreography


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