Board of Directors

Ross Hamman as Rosencrantz and Collin McConnell as Guildenstern in  Hamlet  (2012).

Our Mission

Adirondack Shakespeare Company is dedicated to producing world-class quality theatre that is unburdened by spectacle and technology, but rather focuses on what matters most: the play.

A Brief History

ADK Shakes was born on a hillside in the Brandywine River Valley of Delaware on a beautiful spring day in May 2008. We performed there with an intrepid company of 11 actors one of Shakespeare’s most obscure early plays,  Henry VI Part 1.  From that day, co-founders Patrick Siler and Tara Bradway have worked to grow the Shakespeare IN THE RAW project into a flourishing not-for-profit, professional theatre company serving the Adirondack Region of upstate New York and beyond.

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Ginny Bartholomew as Iris in  The Tempest (2011)

The Artistic Company

2008 - present

Sahr Abu , Leah Alfieri, Lindsay Bartlette Allen, Laurel Andersen, Nat Angstrom, Bonnie Antosh, Rob Barossi, Virginia Bartholomew, Lesley Berkowitz, Michael Bernstein, Meghan Blakeman, Aleda Bliss, Nick Bombincino, Sarah Bonner, Liz Bresnak-Arata, Phoebe Brooks, Sam Bruce, Jennifer Brunker, Lisa Campbell, Mia Canter, Matthew Castleman, Mitchell Conway, Andi Dema, Christine Demuth

Christina Dideriksen, Amelia Dudley, Evelyn Dumont, Doug Durlacher, Kate Dylan, Doug Eppler

Katie Fanning, Gemma Fearn, Shaina Ferguson, Bennett Fisher, Lily Fryburg, Sara Fay George

Caroline Gombe, Kim Greenawalt, Jessica Hackett, Ross Hamman, John Hardin, Shannon Harris

Kaileela Hobby, Brian Hoover, Lee Ann Hoover, Justin B. Hopkins, Christian Adam Jacobs

Daniel E. Jimenez, Julia Jones, Monica L. Jones, Kelly Karcher, Sam Kirk, Jessica Kitrick,

Nisarah Lewis, Whit Leyenberger, Zach Libresco, Sean Lounsbury, Melanie Arii Mah, Sierra Marcks

Natalie Martzial, Collin McConnell,  Steve McMahon, Laura Montes, Celeste Moratti, Tom Morin

Kathleen O’Neal, Michael Pauley, Shannon Pritchard, Leslie Reidel, Meredith Rich, Dylan Riley-MacArthur

Alexander Ristov, Rachel Ritacco, Duane Allen Robinson, Sarah Robinson, Laura Rocklyn

Luisa Sabella, Joann Sacco, Christopher Salazar, Elizabeth Scopel, Tobias Shaw, Calder Shilling

Daniel Siler, Simone Stadler, Wendy Staton, Becca Stevens, Tony Tambasco, Lindsay Tanner,  Brigitte Thieme-Burdette, Shayna Vercillo, Caley Vickerman, Collin Ware, Scott Watson, Philip Wheeler, Aaron White, Annie Winneg, Hannah Wolfe, Kim Wong

We hold annual auditions in NYC to hire professional, classically-trained actors. ADK Shakes is a non-union company, but we have a firm commitment to the artistic integrity and quality that comes from a fully professional company. All acting, stage management, and conducting contracts with ADK Shakespeare are paid. For more information on working with ADK Shakespeare Co, please visit our auditions page.

Rachel Ritacco as a Player in  Hamlet (2012)

Daniel Jimenez as Malvolio in  Twelfth Night (2012)

Tara Bradway (Artistic Director) 

Patrick Siler (Executive Director)