From the western most edge of the Adirondack Park to the shores of Lake Champlain and through the streets of Bolton Landing, tales abound of sightings of Hungry Will.  A beastlike man with the scent of Canadian Mist and Croghan bologna he has been known to raid campsites taking only decks of cards.  He wanders from hunting camp to hunting camp in search of victims knowing that Pitch is his game and claim to fame.  Will is hungry for shooting the moon and taking the pot.

Some of our favorites:

The legends of the origin and true nature of Hungry Will are many.  Some say he is a shape-shifter, raised in the wilderness by bears, until he was taken in by a kindly widow who taught him to read and write from her personal library.  Some say he is a spy for one or more foreign nations, and that he is personally responsible for some of the most pivotal events in global history.  There are even those who claim that Hungry Will is not actually of this world.

We want to hear your theory.

Tell us about the Hungry Will that you know -- or think you know -- or suspect you might know at some point in the future.  Why is he hungry?  What is he hungry for?  Maybe you heard a rumor or conspiracy that is too good to keep secret.  Maybe you’re making it up right on the spot.

You can send us your answer to the question Who is Hungry Will? in a letter, an email, a video, a song, a puzzle, a code, or any other way you’d like to send it.  All submissions will be reviewed, and our favorites will be posted to the website.  One lucky winner will win a Season Pass to the Scaroon Manor Day Use Facility, home of ADK Shakes’ Summer Festival.