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As a not-for-profit company, ADK Shakespeare depends on your support to continue producing great theatre.  We offer levels of sponsorship for every budget, because every donation counts.  Click the button below to donate securely online with a major credit card.


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ADK Shakespeare Gets Craftin’

Make our first Arts & Crafts Workshop for Kids happen in 2015!

We Have Reached Our Initial Goal of $1,000 and our first two stretch goals!

Help us reach our next goal!

$1,000 + $200 = Buy lunch for a team of volunteers to help cut out Turtles, count beads and pipe-cleaners, and organize 500 Turtle Crafts and 500 Wampum Belts.

$1,200 + $300 = More crafts for more kids! We will order additional supplies for more crafts.

$1,500 + $500 = We will add a FREE performance of SONGS OF THE IROQUOIS:

TURTLE ISLAND and an Arts & Crafts Workshop at Fort William Henry on July 12!

$2,000 + $500 = Spread the word! We will take out professional designed ads in our local news outlets to get the word out to our region about this wonderful program.

- and our ultimate goal -

$2,500 + $500 = Make a festival day of it!

We have invited Mohawk Storyteller, Kay Olan, to tell traditional stories after our

Scaroon Manor performance on Saturday, August 1. Your donation will enable us to

make a full day of activities with stories, craft workshops with Native artists, boxed lunch, and live music starting with our performance of Turtle Island at 11:00 a.m. and ending with

As You Like It at Scaroon Manor Amphitheater!

Adirondack Shakespeare Company is a grass-roots, fully professional theatre ensemble based in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of upstate NY, and we are about to celebrate five years of Summer Festivals starting this July. We have been producing high-quality original children’s programming since 2011, and this year we want to add an Arts & Crafts Workshop to pair with this summer’s show, Songs of the Iroquois: Turtle Island!

ADK Shakespeare wants to add a new element to our children’s programming this year, and we can do it with your help! In addition to an hour-long performance by our company of fully professional actors, we want to offer an Arts & Crafts activity for our young audience members. For children ages 6 and up, we will help them create their own Native American Wampum Belt; and kids under 6 will color, decorate, and put together a turtle to make their own Turtle Island.

How It Works:

Actors from the show will teach the kids about the tradition of wampum belts, give directions on stringing beads according to a simple design, and then assist the children in creating their own belt. Children under 6 can, instead, create their very own Turtle Island. They will color the back of Turtle’s shell in crayon, and with the help of a parent, guardian, or one of our actors, they can use a glue stick to decorate Turtle’s shell with tissue paper squares and to attach Turtle’s tail, feet, and head from pre-cut pieces of construction paper.

Your donation will:

help us purchase 3,000 purple and 5,000 white pony beads and 3,000 pipe cleaners (enough for 500 Wampum Belts)

provide us with 500 sheets of green construction paper, 500 paper plates, 5,000 tissue paper mini-squares, crayons, and glue sticks (enough for 500 Turtles).

support curriculum development: developing clear, age-appropriate instruction on the history of wampum; directions for stringing the belts; and worksheets for children to take home with more information on how to create their very own designs; and clear, step-by-step directions for creating Turtle Island.

We perform Songs of the Iroquois throughout the Adirondacks from July 9 - August 9. It’s our goal to provide materials for at least 25 and up to 50 crafts to be made at each performance over the four-and-a-half weeks of touring.

Why We Need You:

As a young company, your support is particularly important! Ticket sales only cover about 40% of our production costs. That’s less than half of what we need to produce world-class, fully professional theatre from April through October. We receive some funding through grants and foundations, but the rest comes from supporters like you.

It’s part of our mission to provide high-quality, original programming for children of all ages that is interactive, educational, and fun. Our source material has included the myths of Theseus and Hercules from Greek mythology, tales from Ireland, Roman history, and the biblical story of David & Goliath -- all stories with compelling characters and important lessons. This year, we are excited to explore the rich narratives that are native to our region, starting with the Iroquois creation story of Skywoman and Turtle Island.

Adirondack Shakespeare Company is proud to contribute to the artistic and cultural landscape of upstate NY. Your contribution today means that we can continue to produce world-class theatre for all ages this year and in years to come.


There’s a level for every budget, and we’ve got some great rewards:

ADK Shakespeare swag, signed posters, and even crafts created just for you

by our fully professional cast of actors!

$5.00 and up

“Can I not say, I thank you?”


A personalized shout-out on our social media network. Every dollar makes a difference!

$50: Signed Season Poster

“Why then, ‘tis good to be a post.” (-er)


Receive a 2015 Summer Festival Season poster graced with the signatures of all fourteen professional company members. LIMIT: 20.

Pledge $75 and receive a Signed Season Poster and a Hungry Will Car Magnet!

LIMIT: 10.

$100: Songs of the Iroquois T-Shirt

“Ay those attires are best”


A soft, cotton-blend T-shirt featuring our artwork for Songs of the Iroquois on the front, and the ADK Shakes banner and show title on the back. Choose from Youth size S, M, or L in Heather Purple, Green Apple, or Chocolate. LIMIT: 8.

$200: ADK Shakespeare T-Shirt

“Behold what honest clothes”


A comfy yet stylish ringer T-shirt with the ADK Shakespeare logo on the front and mascot Hungry Will on the back. This year’s featured quote is from The Taming of the Shrew: “Or do I dream? Or have I dream’d till now?” Choose from Adult size S, M, L, or XL. (Please note: pictured is our 2012 Design. Our 2015 Season Design is a heather pink with a red ringer.) LIMIT: 5.

$500: ADK Shakespeare Hooded Sweatshirt

“Winter garments must be lined”


Keep warm on chilly Adirondack nights with our Hungry Will Hoodie! Available in six beautiful colors: Blue-Jean, Sandstone, Yam, Burnt Orange, Crimson, or Spruce. Choose from Adult size S, M, L, or XL. LIMIT: 2.


Brian Hoover as Talbot, 1 Henry VI (2008)

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